Update on soybean specs for export from Brazil in 2023

Britannia Club’s correspondent, Brazmar, has advised that the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply has opened to consultation, via Ordinance No. 532/2022, possible changes to the current official specifications for soy beans and its by-products. These have been in place since 2007.

The proposed changes deal mainly with quality requirements, sampling, presentation and marking/labelling.

Brazmar noted that, as the scenario currently stands, the official standards, whilst playing an important role in relation to commercial transactions involving soybeans, are only compulsorily applicable to government sales, final consumption and cargo imports.

The Club said that it appeared that the overall objective of the current consultation would be better to reflect the quality and characteristics of the different types of soybeans produced in Brazil. https://britanniapandi.com/2023/07/brazil-update-on-soybean-specs-for-export-2023/