Update on expansion of local fisheries at Lanshan Port, China

American Club and Japan P&I Club have informed their members that in recent years a number of claims have resulted from incidents involving vessels passing near fisheries located close to navigation channels at Lanshan Port, China. Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd has provided the coordinates of the fishery farms at Lanshan Port and also provides recommendations for avoiding claims as might arise in the course of navigating the waters in question. Huatai said that “as many ship agents have not got the notice of the new fishery farms, the recommended route from them may not be reliable. It is therefore advisable for the duty officer on board to carefully plot on the chart by taking into account of the information provided by ship agent and also our circulars so as to avoid breaking into the fishery farms.

http://www.americanclub.com/files/files/MA_072617_Update_on_Expansion_of_Local_Fisheries_at_Lans han_Port_China.pdf https://www.piclub.or.jp/?action=common_download_main&upload_id=11257