Ukraine says it is exporting more grain now than it did under previous Black Sea grain deal

Ukraine has said that it was now exporting more grains than it did during the period when the Black Sea grain Deal was in place with Russia. That deal collapsed last July after Russia accused the UN, Ukraine and the EU of bad faith in their claims that the grain would mainly go to emerging economies.

Kyiv-based Spike Brokers said that Ukraine exported 4.8m tons of food in December via the unilateral “coast-hugging” corridor close to the Romanian shoreline. December’s figure was 600,000 tons higher than the highest amount shipped during the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

Before the outbreak of the current conflict in February 2022 Ukraine exported about 6m tons of food per month via the Black Sea.

However, the infrastructure in the region needs expansion. Romania’s Black Sea port of Constanta recorded its highest grain exports in 2023 because of a surge in shipments from Ukraine. It shipped 36m tons of grain last year, up 50% from the previous year. Ukrainian grain accounted for roughly 40% of the total.

But at its current size Constanta is finding it hard to cope. It is undergoing urgent expansion.