UK-flagged bulk carrier aground, breached

UK-flagged bulk carrier Indian Partnership (IMO 9521409) ran aground at Misool island east coast, Raja Ampat Regency, Southwest Papua, Ceram sea, Indonesia early on April 23rd local time.

The capesize ship was carrying a 178,000-ton cargo of bauxite ore from Australia to China when it strayed off course and ran aground on reefs while en route from Australia to China. The ship’s starboard underwater hull was breached in the fore area, resulting in significant water ingress The ship was reportedly, resting on bottom, with fore tilt and starboard list. The mixed-nationality crew of 22 remained on board. It was reported that the local authorities were having language-related communication difficulties with the crew on board and that the salvage plan and salvage company were not yet known. Zodiac Maritime confirmed yesterday that the Zodiac Maritime operated vessel Indian Partnership “in the Ceram Sea, while on course to China carrying bauxite ore, hit an uncharted reef which pierced her forward ballast tanks on the starboard side at UTC 19:05 on April 22nd 2023”.

Zodiac Maritime said that “after hitting the reef, the vessel proceeded under her own power to shallow water near Misool Island, Indonesia where she is now safely afloat at anchor. Water ingress was contained to the ballast tanks. Divers are at the vessel now and are conducting underwater repairs. The vessel is stable.”

Zodiac Maritime added that the crew of 22 were all safe and unharmed, and that there had been no pollution.

“The crew on board, with support from our shore based teams, are working closely with local authorities”, concluded Zodiac Maritime.

2014-built, UK-flagged, 95,009 gt Indian Partnership is owned by Ronte Shipping Inc care of Zodiac Maritime Ltd of London, UK. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Americas syndicate) on behalf of Ronte Shipping Inc.