UK Defence Club launches guidance on shipping’s green transition

Marine legal costs insurance and other services provide UK Defence Club has published The Green Transition, a 20-page report (link below) outlining the practical and contractual challenges facing the shipping industry on its journey towards becoming carbon neutral.

The report surveys the current landscape and addresses the real implications of the IMO’s ambitious emission reduction targets, and other sustainable regulation, for owners and operators.

The various stages of regulatory change are mapped out, including the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), the IMO’s roadmap to “net zero”.

UK Defence Club CEO Daniel Evans said that there was “a wind of change in our industry, placing climate crisis and sustainability at the forefront of the agenda. After bringing in progressive regulation to cut high sulphur fuel in 2020, the IMO has mapped out an ambitious development pathway towards a carbon neutral shipping sector.”

He said that the newly published report would help its members and the wider maritime industry to get to grips with some of these issues. “It’s vitally important to plan and be prepared for future disruption that sustainability measures will bring, as well as being engaged and informed on the most prominent issue that will shape the future of our industry”, Evans concluded.