UK Club publishes article on preventing cocaine smuggling

UK Club this week published a prescient article (see previous story) on measures to prevent the smuggling of cocaine.

It noted that shipping line employees involved in making commercial arrangements with customers should be aware of the potential for drug smuggling activity using reefers and containers. UK Club said that “proper due diligence should be conducted on new customers, especially when the shipper or consignee are unknown or there are no references.  Due care should also be taken with existing customers, especially if there are changes in their patterns of trading.”

The Club said that Drug Prevention Officers should be employed and stationed in known drug trafficking areas and reports should be made to the local authorities if there was any suspicion regarding a booking.

It noted that “stricter procedures at South American terminals may help to prevent the drugs being smuggled into containers awaiting shipment to European ports.” However, the Club accepted that the cartels were “very well-resourced and capable”. Past cases had even seen cartels hacking port computer systems to bypass security and move containers in order to make the recovery of the drugs easier. Full details of the Club’s extensive range of advice is at: