Two incidents involving explosives on Mexican tourist ferries

Two incidents apparently involving explosives have occurred on tourist ferries in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Both ferries operate out of Cozumel, which is a popular destination for cruise ships carrying American passengers. The embassy said that American government staff were barred from using the ferries on this route.

The US embassy in Mexico City has warned travellers to exercise caution. On February 21st an explosive device detonated as passengers were disembarking a ferry that runs between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, injuring 26 people, including several American and Canadian nationals. Security video footage appeared to indicate that the blast originated amidships on a passenger deck. A gang aligned with the Zetas drug cartel later claimed responsibility for the explosion. Ferry operator Barcos Caribe had its operations suspended by the government after the incident.

Last Thursday March 1st the US embassy reported that Mexican police had found explosive devices on another ferry on the same route. At least one device was apparently attached to the underside of the hull. Local medoia reported that the Mexican Navy deactivated the suspected bomb or bombs.