Train derailment could delay Port Hedland exports

Mining company BHP Billiton has said that there will probably be some interruption to its Australian iron ore exports after a 268-wagon, nearly 3-km-long, train loaded with iron ore was remotely derailed at 04:40 local time on Monday November 5th after travelling 92km in 50 minutes with no one on board, while en route from Newman to Port Hedland. It was derailed at Turner, 120km south of Port Hedland.

BHP said on November 7th that its reserves of the steelmaking ingredient at the Port Hedland hub were unlikely to cover the entire period of disruption following the incident, and that it would be liaising with its customers about its contractual commitments over that time.

BHP has declined to speculate on what caused the train to bolt. The company has suspended its train operations, but its mine sites are running normally.