Traffic continues in Port of Durres after Albanian earthquake

After the Albanian earthquake on November 26th 2019 traffic in the Port of Durres has been allowed to continue, according to a Swedish Club member alert.

Correspondent Samer & Co Shipping said that, according to the Operational Managers of the four terminals of Durres Port – the Ferry Terminal, Container Terminal, Cargo Terminal and East (bulk) Terminal – and also according to the Harbour Master of Durres Port, there had been no damage to the docks around the basin of Durres Port. As a result, traffic of ferry and cargo vessels has been allowed to continue normally. Up to now, there are no identified damages to the shore cranes and for the time being no problems are foreseen regarding the operations of the vessels in Durres Port.

The operational warehouse in front of dock no 3 located in the West Terminal was heavily damaged and is a total loss. However this does has not affected vessel operations as use of that warehouse is not mandatory or necessary. The warehouse was used for storing parts of shipments (mainly palletized cargo or wheat in bulk) for a short period.

Romano Port and MBM Port, situated about 10 km north of Durres suffered no structural damage and the handling of vessels in these terminals is proceeding normally.