Towing of tankship Sig is underway

The towing of the tankship Sig (IMO 9735335) for repairs at the port of Aksay, Rostov-on-Don, began during the morning of August 8th. It was being carried out by Russian-flagged tug Konevets Barabulka.

On board of the tanker was a team of the Azovo-Chernomorsky branch of the Marine Rescue Service, consisting of three people with sump pumps, OSR equipment and a supply of sorbent.

The rescue team of the Marine Rescue Service continued to pump out the oil-water emulsion from the engine room to the vessel’s tanks.

The emergency rescue group of the AChF MCC was cleaning the engine room from the remnants of oil products with a biosorbent. Control of the booms located inside the engine room was carried out. In total, 756 kilograms of biosorbents have been used since the beginning of the recovery operation. No pollution of the water area has been observed. 2014-built, Russia-flagged. 4.754 gt Sig is owned by Ugra Leasing LLC of Khanty-Mansiyskiy, Russia. It is managed by Transpetrochart LLC of St Petersburg, Russia