Thomas Miller P&I confirms new positions

Thomas Miller P&I has confirmed that current CEO Hugo Wynn-Williams, who also serves as chairman of the club, will be replaced by chief financial officer Andrew Taylor but will keep his role as chairman (see yesterday’s IMN) from May 1st. Wynn-Williams will continue to be in charge of the managers’ relationship with the UK P&I club board, as well as the promotion of the club internationally. Wynn-Williams will support Taylor in his new position.

Taylor became CFO for the UK P&I Club in 2014, will focus on the daily operations of the club and on delivering its future strategy. “Andrew and I have worked together for many years and we have a very talented senior management team,” said Wynn-Williams, who is also chair at Thomas Miller Holdings. “I’m confident that under Andrew’s leadership, the management team will take the club forward to meet the challenges of the future and ensure the club is in the best possible health to continue to deliver a first class service to the members.”

The new UK Club CFO is Thomas Miller Group actuary and the UK Club’s chief actuary, Nigel de Silva.