“Technical problems” impact Carnival Corp’s AIDA and Costa Cruises

Cruise company Carnival Corporation have said that its brands AIDA and Costa Cruises were both suffering from technical problems that were affecting operations. The problems were first announced by AIDA on December 25th, forcing the cancellation of two departures. Neither the corporation nor the two cruise lines confirmed whether the incident reflected either a cyberattack or a malware intrusion.

AIDA said that “unfortunately, we are currently affected by IT restrictions. Therefore, we are currently not available to our customers by phone or email.” AIDA’s website was still functioning.

However, the Costa Cruises online booking engine went offline.

The unspecified technical problems were reported to be impacting AIDA’s ability to communicate with customers who were planning to board the line’s cruise ships in the Canary Islands. German media said that whatever had happened was preventing communications between the company’s headquarters and its cruise ships. Germany’s NDR media network reported that passengers on board ships were also experiencing problems, being unable to access the on-board information systems. Purchases were being recorded on paper instead of the normal computer systems.

AIDA said that, due to the IT restrictions, it had been forced to cancel the planned December 26th cruise on the AIDAperla and the December 27th cruise aboard the AIDAmar. Both ships had resumed limited cruises around the Canary Islands in December.

Germany’s NDR reported that the public prosecutor’s office in Rostock, Germany, where the AIDA brand is headquartered, was investigating suspected computer sabotage.