Tax law in the way of offshore venture

The Danish Shipowners’ Association has warned that tax regulations may stand in the way of the growth of offshore wind energy generation. Last week an OECD reported predicted that offshore wind will experience an explosive growth in the coming years. Jakob Ullegård of the Danish Shipowners’ Association said that “we

are looking into a market that stands to grow significantly over the next decade. We have a unique position of strength with a view to increasing Danish exports and create more Danish jobs in the sector – also at sea. But we must do something about the Danish competitiveness by introducing sailor tax for all Danish offshore vessels, so they have a fair shot”. The Danish Shipowners Association said that “in Denmark, the creation of the offshore wind farms Horns Rev 3 and Kriegers Flak not only contributes to more renewable energy to the Danes; the establishment of these new wind farms create growth and more than 8,000 jobs by 2030 in some of Denmark’s most important export industries”.