Talks underway to offer Houthis graceful way to stop Red Sea attacks

There are diplomatic efforts underway in the Middle East to find a way to enable the Houthis in Yemen to halt their attacks on US-, UK- and Israel-linked ships transiting the Red Sea, special US envoy to Yemen Tim Lenderking said in a video recording released on Tuesday February 6th.

Lenderking recorded his comments last Friday for a think-tank conference. He then flew to Oman for talks on the crisis. Oman has been a mediator with the Houthis, who have said that they are acting in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

Diplomatic efforts are “being made to try and find a climbdown for the Houthis that would enable (the) situation to improve and to move away from the kinetic aspect” of the Red Sea crisis, Lenderking said. Talks held in Oman last week by Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron, the Norwegian deputy foreign minister and UN special envoy Hans Grundberg were part of those efforts, Lenderking said. He warned that, the longer the Houthi attacks persisted, the higher the danger of renewed fighting in Yemen and disruptions to food and medicine shipments needed in Yemen and Gaza.