Swedish Club announces new appointments

The Swedish Club’s has announced a number of management changes that will become effective during late Spring 2023.

Lars A Malm will become Managing Director and Area Manager in the Club’s Hong Kong office, where about 50% of the Club’s business is currently centred. Malm is currently Director, Strategic Business Development & Client Relations.

Ruizong Wang will continue as Chairman of The Swedish Club Hong Kong Ltd, reporting to the Managing Director, Thomas Nordberg.

Tord Nilsson has been appointed Area Manager, Team UK. He will drive the Club’s reinsurance activities and lead continued expansion, with the aim of further establishing the London office as a full-service operation. Nilsson (T) is currently Director, Underwriting, Reinsurance & Risk Control.

Lars Nilsson will continue as Senior Advisor at the head office in Gothenburg and report to the Managing Director, Thomas Nordberg. Nilsson (L) will remain involved in the Club’s reinsurance activities, corporate projects and continue his important coordinating role for the Club in relation to the International Group of P&I Clubs.