Steamship Mutual launches the Yacht Club, recruits new underwriter

Steamship Mutual has launched a new brand, the “Yacht Club”, building on its more than 10 years of service in this sector, and has recruited a new underwriter to the portfolio. The Club said that its dedicated yacht terms and conditions had been adapted to meet the needs of yacht owners. “We have unique additional covers that allow us to offer the widest and most innovative cover”, the Club said.

Team Manager Hugo Jacquot said that Steamship Mutual was “committed to retain and develop its current book of yacht business”,  hence its decision to make “significant changes to retain the edge we have gained over recent years”.

The Club has recruited underwriter Simone Vena, who will be the driver of the continued sustainable growth of Steamship Mutual Yacht portfolio. Jacquot said the club was also launching new products in the sector.

Steamship Mutual Yacht Club offers liability cover that offers tailor made solutions, with limits up to $1bn.