Standard Club warns on challenges of TB diagnosed in US

Standard Club has published an alert for Members on the problems that can arise when tuberculosis is diagnose in a US port. It noted that over the past few years, the club had seen an increase in the number of tuberculosis (TB) cases in crewmembers around the world, but especially in crewmembers travelling to the US. Standard said that these cases could be particularly difficult to handle and could also be very costly for shipowners if the crewmember is diagnosed while in a US hospital. A case was cited of a 16-day stay where the bill soared to $134,000.

Standard Club noted that, under Rule 3.12, quarantine expenses were recoverable if incurred because of the outbreak of an infectious disease on board, including TB. Cover extends to the member’s net expenses. SphereMD published an article, cited by Standard Club regarding this subject and explaining some of the challenges presented by crewmember TB cases in the US, as well as claim handling tips.