Standard Club launches new offshore advisory committee

Standard Club P&I Club has launched the Standard Club Offshore Advisory Committee (SCOAC), which the Club said would analyze offshore trends and develop new strategies to provide a focused direction for the benefit of the club’s offshore membership. The committee consists of offshore players including Standard Club members Allseas Group, Bumi Armada, Floatel International, Nortrans Offshore, Saipem, SBM Offshore and Subsea 7.

The Club said that SCOAC would review current issues and emerging challenges affecting the offshore industry, including production, drilling, accommodation, constructions/installation, support/supply and other specialist operations.

SCOAC would also be considering the implications of new regulations coming into force, offshore contracting trends and other topical subjects affecting the offshore industry.

Standard Club Offshore Advisory Committee comprises:

Claire Bromley, Head of Insurance, Subsea 7 SA – Chairman

Jonathan Cassidy, Group Risk Manager and Insurance Director, SBM Offshore

Suchitra Narayanan, General Manager, Risk & Insurance, Bumi Armada Berhad

Johann Preller, Insurance Lead, Allseas Group S.A.

Bertrand Valentin, Offshore E&C and Drilling Insurance Manager, Saipem Group

Trond Kyrkjeboe, CEO, Nortrans Offshore Pte Ltd

Thony Lindström Härdin, General Counsel, Floatel International Ltd