Spain says seafarers are “key workers”

Spain has ruled that seafarers are key workers. The decision was taken to permit their movement through Spanish ports, enabling them to get home at the end of their contracts.

Spain has been in lockdown, but, in the light of the IMO’s recommendation to designate crew as key workers providing an essential service, the Spanish Transport Ministry approved the order on April 28th.

The order establishes the documentation needed to allow seafarers to crew change in Spain and return to their home countries or to embark a vessel calling to a Spanish port. Seafarers will need to provide:

  1. Certificate of competency or proficiency or Seafarers’ identity document or Discharge book
  2. Employment agreement or Letter of appointment. This documentation will include, at least, the name of the vessel and her flag, port where the vessel is located and the estimated date of the embark / disembark.