Single Covid-19 incident costs carrier $400,000

Norway-based fleet operator Klaveness Combination Carriers has reported an estimated $0.4m impact from a July incident in which two crew members on board one of its Caustic Bulk (CABU) vessels became infected with Covid-19.

The company said in its Q2 earnings report that the confirmed positive persons were signed off and isolated until they were no longer infectious. After consistent negative results from a number of Covid-19 tests on the entire crew, a complete cleaning and the disinfection of the vessel’s accommodation, the vessel recommenced trading in early August. It had 14 days off-hire.

The estimated total financial effect on the Q3 2020 results included loss from the re-let of the caustic soda cargo, off-hire, rescheduling and additional costs relating to the crew.

Meanwhile, Klaveness reported that “it continues to be difficult to make crew changes, get ship managers, service personnel and vetting inspectors on board. It has also been necessary to deviate vessels to get supplies on board and make crew changes, leading to off-hire and additional costs”, although the company said that so far these factors have had a limited impact on the company’s operation and earnings.

Despite significant efforts, such as the deviation of five vessels to Manila Bay for changes of Filipino crew, only around 53% of normal scheduled Filipino crew change have been possible since the start of the Covid-19. On the other hand, 90% of planned crew changes for Europeans have succeeded.