Short power loss on Maersk Eindhoven was enough to cause container spill

A power loss of three to four minutes in heavy seas was sufficient to bring about the loss of some 260 containers overboard from the Maersk Eindhoven (IMO 9456771).

Maersk said in an update at the weekend that the loss was caused by the severe rolling of the vessel following a loss of manoeuvrability.

The Maersk Eindhoven experienced the three-to-four-minute loss of engine propulsion on February 17th while sailing 45nm off Northern Japan in heavy seas. The consequent loss of manoeuvrability resulted in severe rolling, causing the vessel to lose 260 containers overboard and 65 containers to be damaged on deck.

Maersk said that initial analysis indicated that engine oil pressure triggered a safety feature, causing the engines to shut down. No malfunction or maintenance issues had been identified. Maersk said that the crew was safe and that a comprehensive investigation was ongoing. The vessel has had no further incidents and was sailing in calm seas, returning to an as yet unnamed North Asia port for inspection and repair. Maersk said that the port decision would be announced shortly.

Preliminary reports showed slight damage, with minimal repairs required to the vessel.

The vessel had departed Xiamen, China sailing to Los Angeles on Maersk’s weekly TP6 Asia/US West coast service.

Maersk said that “we sincerely apologize for this disruption to your supply chain. We want to be transparent throughout the entire process and days ahead. Once the vessel is in port and surveyed, we will have more specific details on the extent of damaged containers and the amount of time required to fix the vessel and determine the cargo contingency options.”

Maersk will be contacting customers to provide more details on the cargo affected and the next destination of the vessel, as more information becomes available. Maersk will prioritize calling customers where containers may have been lost or sustained potential damage.

2010-built, Denmark-flagged, 141,716 gt Maersk Eindhoven is owned by Jiamao International Shipping care of Maersk AS of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is entered with Britannia on behalf of Jiamao International Shipping.