Ships detained by Malaysia despite being more than 12nm out to sea

The Britannia Singapore office has reported several recent cases in which the Malaysian authorities have detained ships anchored more than 12 nm from the Malaysian coast.

INTERTANKO has asked the Malaysian authorities to clarify the application of the “Notification to the Director of Marine Activity engaged by a ship in Malaysian Waters” to ships that are anchored beyond 12nm but within Malaysia’s EEZ “Malaysian Maritime Zone” (as in the Malaysia Shipping Notice 5/2014) and to clarify on the coordinates and boundaries of the so-called “Malaysian Maritime Zone”.

In a meeting with INTERTANKO on September 30th the Malaysian authorities provided the requested clarification, including the coordinates and boundaries of “Malaysian Maritime Zones” and “Malaysian Territorial Waters.”

For further details of the exact boundaries, Members were advised to contact the Club or their local agents.