Shipowners Club brings in rule changes for several vessel sectors

Shipowners Club will bring in certain rule changes for a number of vessel types from February 20th 2022. They are:

  • European Inland Craft
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Specialist Offshore & Construction
  • Passenger Liability

There are several changes that reflect the revised terminology and limitation in cover adopted in the wider insurance market in respect of liabilities arising out of Communicable Diseases.

For European Inland Craft Shipowners Club clarifies that towage operations are different to those of push vessels and need to be carried out under separate towage contracts.

For fishing vessels, the Club noted that in 2017 the Club signed a statement in support of ‘The Insurance Industry’s Statement Against Illegal, Unreported And Unregulated (IUU Fishing)’. To reinforce this and to emphasize the exclusion of illegal fishing within ‘What is not covered’, any fishing vessel added to the IUU list will automatically have its insurance with Shipowners’ Club terminated.

The renaming of the Specialist Offshore Package to include Construction was because, the Club said, although the package was primarily designed with the offshore industry in mind, these cover packages were widely used in construction, not only offshore, but also in ports, harbours or other littoral installations. The change therefore reflects the wider application of these products.

Renaming the basic reflects that this package is designed to cover offshore operators’ liabilities arising from their core support activities.