Shiling container ship turns up in Indonesian repair yard

Container ship Shiling (IMO 9290452), which became something of a media star after breaking down twice while attempting to leave New Zealand in April and in May, and was then detained for two months in order to ensure that this was one event that did not come in threes, has now been spotted undergoing repairs at an Indonesian shipyard close to Singapore.

The ship was photographed at a repair yard on Pulau Batam – one of the Riau Islands just across the Strait from Singapore itself.

Marine Traffic revealed that the vessel left Singapore anchorage on July 29th and arrived at Batu Ampar the same day.

It shows the ship followed the orders set out by Maritime NZ to return to Singapore immediately after it finally left Wellington Harbour on July 6th.

The Shiling first tried to leave Wellington in April, but its engine failed and it drifted dangerously close to a shallow shoal in Wellington Harbour. It undertook repairs and in May was cleared to head to Singapore for further more permanent repairs. This did not go well. The Shiling experienced an engine failure again on May 12th, plus steering problems, this time in heavy seas after transiting the Cook Strait. With the ship rolling heavily, the captain issued a May Day call reporting that the crew of 24 were preparing to abandon ship, but later the seas calmed and the May Day was rescinded. An ocean-going tug working on assignment to the oil and gas industry was able to rescue the ship and bring it into sheltered waters in Tasman Bay on May 13th. This led to a tense week before the weather permitted the tow to bring the ship back to Wellington for further repairs.

This time round the ship was detained by Maritime NZ at Wellington Harbour for extensive investigation and testing before finally being allowed to leave the country. When that was allowed to happen the Shiling was escorted by the MMA Vision, a vessel capable of emergency towage, until it was 200nm off the New Zealand coast.

2005-built, Singapore-flagged, 53,807 gt Shiling is owned by Shiling Navigation Pte Ltd care of Asian-Alliance Ship Management Pte of Singapore. It is entered with Swedish Club (Singapore Domestic team) on behalf of Shiling Navigation Pte Ltd.