Shell lifts force majeure on Forcados crude

Royal Dutch Shell has lifted force majeure on exports of Nigeria’s Forcados crude oil. The grade, which typically exports between 200,000 and 240,000 bpd, had been under force majeure since February 2016 following a militant attack on the Trans Forcados Pipeline, which is the main export route. Shell recently issued a loading programme for June exports that raised planned exports from Nigeria to a 15-month high.

Meanwhile, Shell has sent a replacement cargo of LNG from the US to Dubai because typical trade routes from Qatar have been disrupted. Shell has a deal to provide the Dubai Supply Authority (DUSUP) with LNG, which usually it sources from Qatar.

The Maran Gas Amphipolis tanker, carrying around 163,500 cubic metres of LNG produced in the US, had been heading for Mina Al-Ahmadi port in Kuwait, but is now heading for the Dubai port of Jebel Ali.