Shanghai returns to partial lockdown

Shanghai went back into partial lockdown this weekend after six new cases were found in the city, which is home to the world’s largest container port.

New lockdown restrictions were imposed on seven districts. Millions of people will be tested for Covid. The city only recently reopened after a two-month lockdown that had significant effects on the global supply chain that are yet to work their way fully through the system.

The temporary lockdown will cover Minhang, Pudong, Huangpu, Jing’an, Xuhui, Hongkou and Baoshan districts. Four of the six cases were reportedly found in Minhang, a district of some 2.5m in the southwest of Shanghai. The district of Minhang will be closed on Saturday, while the other districts have not stated how long their lockdowns will run.

Lars Jensen, CEO of liner consultancy Vespucci Maritime, said on LinkedIn that the move would “add further weight to the discussions already ongoing with some importers as to begin a risk diversification of production – i.e. reduce the amount of goods produced in China and shift to other locations (likely elsewhere in Asia)”.