Shanghai MSA issues safety notice on inspection campaign

Correspondent Huatai Marine has issued a circular (PNI[2021]04) detailing Shanghai MSA’s “Concentrated Inspection Campaign on Propulsion and Auxiliary Machinery”.

This followed a safety notice on measures to ensure propulsion and auxiliary machinery were in good order prior to departure from the berth or arrival in the restricted waters.

As part of the CIC, Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) will carry out detailed inspections to verify critical areas such as:

  • steering gear
  • main propulsion machinery
  • auxiliary engines / generators
  • emergency power arrangements
  • alarm systems
  • crew familiarization
  • operational controls

Unlike the CICs launched by PSC MoUs, the MSA will not be publicly issuing a questionnaire covering the scope of the inspection.

North of England Club said that Huatai had helpfully provided details in its circular on the scope of the inspection. However, Huatai stressed that the listed items were not exhaustive and might be varied to take account of the circumstances of the particular ship or its operations.