Several indicted over Norman Atlantic disaster

Two companies and 30 individuals were indicted on October 31st as a result of the fire aboard passenger ship Norman Atlantic on December 28th 2014, in which 31 people died and another 64 were injured. The incident occurred in the Strait of Otranto off the coast of Albania.

The trial will start in Bari, Italy, on February 26th 2020.

According to ANEK Lines, which had chartered the vessel, the total number of passengers and crew, based on the ship’s manifest, was 475. The Italian judge investigating the case determined that 499 people were officially on board the ferry as a result of overbooking.

The fire that caused the Norman Atlantic to run aground started in a refrigerator truck whose engine had been left on. A succession of allegedly negligent acts and mistakes allegedly allowed the fire to spread throughout the ship and become unstoppable.