Security guard hi-jacks drybulk carrier that he was meant to be protecting

A security guard who was involved in a pay dispute hi-jacked the drybulker Jaeger, and its crew. After a stand-off that lasted nearly three days, US-based ship operator Eagle Bulk Shipping said that the security incident had been resolved successfully.

The incident apparently began on July 21st when three security guards boarded the Jaeger (IMO 9284843) to provide security during the crossing of the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea.

The normal practice is that, once on board, the guards would hand over their weapons to the vessel’s captain. However, in this instance one of the three guards took control of the vessel. He steered it off course, continually stating his grievances and making demands for compensation.

Eagle Bulk that, although the guard fired his weapon, he did not threaten or harm any of the crew on the vessel. The other two guards supplied by the contractor were not involved in the incident.

It was later revealed that the guard was in an employment dispute with his employer, a contractor from which Eagle Bulk obtained the security guards, and that heclaimed not to have been paid for several months.

Eagle Bulk worked with maritime security experts to defuse the situation. The company maintained regular contact with the captain during the incident and kept the authorities updated on the situation.

V Ships, the vessel’s crewing manager, was also involved during the incident and kept the families of the ship’s crew updated.

The guard agreed to surrender his weapon after approaching three days and the vessel continued on its original course. The guard remained aboard the vessel and was disembarked 10 days after first coming on board.

2004-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 30,012 gt Jaeger is owned by Jaeger Shipping LLC care of manager Eagle Shipping International (USA) of Stanford, Connecticut. ISM manager is Eagle Ship management LLC of Stamford, Connecticut. It is entered with Gard P&I Club on behalf of Jaeger Shipping LLC. It is entered for H&M with Norwegian Hull Club on behalf of Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.