SeaJets appears to be new owner of the old Majesty of the Seas

In December 2020 Royal Caribbean announced that it had sold its cruise ship Majesty of the Seas (IMO 8819512), but did not say who the new owner was. Recently there has been increased surveillance of the final fate of vessels no longer required by the established major shipping companies, particularly when it came to the location of where the ship was eventually broken up. Closer attention was now being paid to the buyers of old ships.

Royal Caribbean Blog said that the listing for Majesty of the Seas was now operator/manager of ‘Eaglepower Shipping Ltd’, aka SeaJets.

On February 8th IMN reported that the Majesty of the Seas, renamed “Majesty” by painting over “of the Seas”, was officially owned by Saturn Oceanway Inc. Campbell Cruise & Yacht Management Ltd was listed as the vessel manager.

By February 2021 the 1992-built, Bahamas-flagged, 64,077 gt Majesty of the Seas (as it was then officially listed) was owned by Saturn Oceanway Inc care of manager Campbell Cruise & Yacht Mgmt of Nassau, Bahamas. It was listed as entered with West of England on behalf of Saturn Oceanway Ltd.

Today, however, the vessel, still Bahamas-flagged, is described as the “Majesty” , owned by Saturn Oceanway Inc, but care of Eaglepower Shipping Ltd of Piraeus, Greece. It is still listed as entered with West of England on behalf of Saturn Oceanway Inc.

Attention has perhaps been focused on the matter because SeaJets has hitherto been known, in the operating sense, as a company that ran some 14 high-speed ferries, the heaviest of which was 11,347 gt, plus three conventional ferries, the heaviest of which was 12,891 gt.

Then, in 2020, it started buying cruise ships, ranging in weight from 46,052 gt to 73,941 gt. Of the seven it is listed as purchasing in 2020, two (the Magellan IMO 8217881, and the Columbus, IMO 8611398) have been resold for demolition. Earlier this year they arrived at Alang, India. (see IMN, November 19th 2020).

In November it was hypothesized that SeaJets was planning to expand into the cruise ship sector, but to date the fate of five of these cruise ships remains uncertain, while the other two have been resold for scrapping.