Salvors will upturn the wrecked hull of Sewol ferry

Salvors will turn the wrecked hull of the ferry Sewol upright later this week in order to continue the search for the remains of five missing victims. 304 students, passengers and crewmembers died when the Sewol when she went down in April 2014 as a result of attempting too tight a turn at too high a speed. The remains of 299 have been found.

Under the supervision of the government’s Sewol Investigation Committee, 33 steel beams have been installed under the 6,800 tonne vessel, and the salvage team is waiting for optimal weather conditions. While the wreckage is on land, the lift will require the use of a floating crane alongside the pier.

A total of $130m has already been spent to raise the ferry and transfer her onto the dock at Mokpo. Sewol was raised from the bottom on its side, her alignment after sinking.

A previous investigation determined that the vessel capsized due to a decision to overload her and a retrofit that left her topheavy, but in response to public pressure, Korea’s legislature has authorized Moon to reopen the case.