Russian master perplexed by Korean report of collision

The master of Russian general cargo ship Evolution 8 (IMO 8508503) confessed himself somewhat baffled when he read that his vessel had, according to an official Korean statement, been involved a collision with berthed chemical/oil products tanker Golden Creation (IMO 9738662) at around 20:00 local time on August 18th at Gamcheon, Busan, Korea while shifting berths. The statement had claimed that both ships were damaged in the stern area. The Russian master was even more perplexed when it was stated that he had been breathalyzed and had been found to be intoxicated, as he had been teetotal for many years.

The Captain, who first learned of the Korean statement via media reports, said that the Evolution 8 had not been involved in any accident. What had happened was that another ship of similar size berthed next to the stern of the Evolution 8 had been involved in the collision.

He said that the police and authorities who arrived on the scene could not board the wanted ship and had to disembark via his ship.

He could not identify the ship which collided with the Golden Creation as it was nighttime and he and the crew didn’t even know anything had happened until they read the reports.

However, the name of the vessel “Evolution 8” also raises questions. Equasis gives its IMN as 8508503, but on Marine Traffic this comes up as fishing vessel Hoki Maru no.23, on which there are few details, although the year of construction and weight match. According to Equasis the 1985-built, Mongolia-flagged, 181 gt vessel is owned and managed by Korall of Kaliningrad, Russia, and it had been renamed Evolution 8 in March 2019.

2015-built, Panama-flagged, 9,430 gt Golden Creation is owned by Sea Wealth Shipping Co Ltd care of manager Dorval SC Tankers of Tokyo, Japan. ISM manager is Dorval Ship management KK of Tokyo, Japan. It is entered with Japan Club (Tokyo Office in charge) on behalf of Sea Wealth Shipping Co Ltd. As of August 20th the vessel was near Busan, South Korea.