Russia said to be tampering GPS in Black Sea, endangering shipping

Romania’s Chief of Defence Staff Daniel Petrescu has claimed that Russia was “actively and constantly” jamming the GPS communications of ships in Romanian territorial waters. He said that this could cause ships’ collisions, adding that Romania and NATO “must prepare for a long-term confrontation with the regime of the Russian Federation”.

The recently introduced Ukrainian Black Sea Corridor hugs the coast lines of Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria during its route from Black Sea ports to Turkiye, while Romania’s border with the Black Sea is home to the Danube delta, from which many vessels head to and from other parts of eastern Europe and beyond.

Petrescu, addressing the Euroatlantic Resilience Forum in Bucharest, said also that the region had become the scene of increasingly frequent military actions, with maritime incidents and actions limiting the free movement of ships. He noted that overnight September 27th / 28th anti-aircraft alarms sounded in Ukrainian cities, close to the border with Romania, announcing imminent attacks.