Russia claims that western powers not honouring the terms of Ukraine grain deal

Fears that the UN and Turkey-brokered Black Sea Corridor agreement might not last beyond its original term of 120 days increased on September 6th after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claimed that the West was not honouring its promise to help Russian food and fertilizer exports reach global markets.

Lavrov said that the West had not relaxed sanctions to make it easier for Russia to ship its agricultural products abroad.

Russia apparently saw this commitment as a key part of the July deal.

“Our Western colleagues are not doing what we were promised by the UN Secretary-General,” Lavrov told a news conference in Moscow, adding that “they are not taking decisions to remove the logistic sanctions that prevent the free access of Russian grain and fertilizers to world markets.”

Russia claimed that Western sanctions were making it harder to arrange shipping and insurance of its cargoes, even though they do not directly target its food and fertilizer exports.

Lavrov said that he was currently in contact with the UN and that he was pushing it to ensure that Western countries upheld their end of the grain deal.