Rotterdam creates 700 overflow parking spaces to prepare for Brexit

The Port of Rotterdam has created 700 emergency overflow parking spaces in preparation for potential backups caused by the UK’s anticipated departure from the EU.

Netherlands authorities said on Monday that they expected about 400 trucks per day destined for Britain would arrive at the harbour without proper customs paperwork if the UK leaves the EU as scheduled on March 29th.

Five overflow areas have been designated where trucks will be parked and drivers can file the proper documents needed for cargo leaving the EU.

“The plan is aimed at minimizing extra delays resulting from the extra customs procedures and to ensure that goods are shipped to the UK as swiftly as possible,” Rotterdam’s port authorities said.

About 40m tonnes of goods are shipped between the Netherlands and the UK every year via Rotterdam port. One major concern is that Rotterdam is the main hub for cargo passing from other EU member states to the UK.

Hundreds of new customs officers have been hired and trained in Rotterdam to handle the increased workload.