Rollovers and bookings backlog a result of cancelled sailings out of India

Container trades out of India have encountered increasing levels of congestion. This was a result of blanked sailings, equipment shortages and a backlog of bookings, reported The Loadstar, citing local forwarding sources.

Carriers were facing a space limitations on all tradelanes and services in India.

There was a lengthening list of bookings because of cancelled sailings as well as increasing levels of congestion at transhipment facilities, attributed to a shortage of manpower, voided vessels and limited vessel berthing windows.

Liner database eeSea found that this month carriers had withdrawn 24% of capacity on the India-Far East trade, blanking 23 out of 120 scheduled sailings.

Maersk recently announced new blankings on the India-Far East FS12 and FS13 services during August, effectively cutting frequency from weekly to fortnightly.

Carriers were reported to be unable to issue bookings on immediate vessels even though the schedule is there, making it difficult to meet requirements for immediate dispatch.

An ongoing problem with clearing import containers due to lockdown restrictions in India meant that most carriers were facing a shortage of inventory in almost all load ports.