Risk Ahoy – a downloadable app from UK P&I Club

Risk Ahoy!… is the latest initiative from the UK P&I Club’s Loss Prevention Team. The Club described Risk Ahoy! as “a novel way of highlighting the risks on board”. The app-based game takes players through multiple levels of increasingly challenging difficulty, working through various mini games, while identifying and avoiding common on board hazards.

The Club said that “gamification” was, among other things, a way for businesses to add fun and competitiveness to a subject matter that might typically be difficult to communicate to a chosen audience.

It provided an opportunity for businesses “to entertain, challenge, educate and reward their chosen audiences. It stimulates engagement, which in a fast-paced, distraction-laden world makes it one of the most exciting and powerful communication channels for businesses today.”

The club noted that companies already employed Computer Based Training (CBT) and video based learning / reinforcement to enhance the training experience received by its employees. “By using games to supplement this learning then we could ensure continued training of our personnel and bring awareness to topics that may otherwise seem dull and tedious”, the Club said.

UK P&I said that Risk Ahoy! was an adjunct to the Club’s other extensive loss prevention initiatives and that the Club hoped it would “re-energize learning, awareness and communication of some of the risks on board for crew”.

The app is downloadable from the Google Play android store and from the Apple AppStore.