RGCS Resolute reported sold at auction for just $600,000

The chequered history of Portugal- flagged ice-classed vessel RCGS Resolute (IMO 9000168) has continued, with it being reported to have been sold at auction in Curacao on June 22nd for just $600,000.

The book value of the ship was previously said to have been around $25m. It was unclear whether Venezuelan authorities would let the ship leave Curacao. The most recent occurrence in and eventful recent past was when the vessel was in an alleged collision with a Venezuelan navy ship in international waters off the island of Tortua on March 30th (IMN April 6th 2020), resulting in the navy vessel sinking. The Venezuelan government had claimed that the Resolute left the scene of the incident, and later doubled down, claiming that the vessel “was transporting mercenaries to attack military bases in Venezuela, unloading them out there on the high seas.”

The ship had previously concluded her career with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises in 2018, and was then chartered on a 10-year bareboat deal to One Ocean Expeditions. That company filed for bankruptcy on May 16th. One Ocean was not able to make the scheduled charter payments owing to the ship’s owner Bunnys Adventure, due October 1st 2019 and November 1st 2019, and as a result, on or about November 9th 2019, Bunnys Adventure terminated the Bunnys Charter and repossessed the Resolute. In May, One Ocean said that it still has goods aboard the Resolute with a book value of $1.5m.

The ship was arrested in Buenos Aires late last year. Bunnys Adventure and Cruise Shipping Company Ltd eventually paid to have the ship released. There then followed the incident with an Venezuelan naval vessel while the Resolute was on the way back to Europe.

Under management from Columbia Cruise Services, the Resolute has been docked in Curacao ever since, with a skeleton crew aboard.

1991-built, Portugal-flagged, 8,445 gt RGCS Resolute is owned by Bunny’s Adventure & Cruise care of manager One Ocean Expeditions of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. ISM manager is Columbia Cruise Services GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with UK Club (Americas G7 Group) on behalf of One Ocean Expeditions Inc to Feb 2020 and Bunny’s Adventure Cruise Shipping Co Ltd since then.