Response continues for spill near Port Sulphur, Louisiana

Dozens of boats and more than 100 workers at the weekend were continuing the clean-up and containment an oil spill in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. Nearly 5,000 gallons of oil and water had already been collected.

Plaquemines Parish Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Patrick Harvey said that “it’s a big spill,” adding that “luckily, they were able to get on top of it rather quickly. Hopefully, the impact is not as bad as it was originally thought to be and, hopefully, they can get it cleaned up in a short period of time”..

The Coast Guard was still trying to establish the cause of the spill, which was first spotted a week ago. One possibility was an oil well head leaking a mix of crude oil, gas and water. A USCG spokesperson said that they were pumping a salt water solution into the well to keep it from leaking, until repairs were made.

The wellhead at the source of the spill is in Rattlesnake Bayou and has been brought under control.

Louisiana’s Oil Spill Coordinator’s Office, the U.S. Coast Guard, NOAA, Hilcorp Energy and state and local agencies are working on the response. More than 100 personnel have been deployed for the containment and cleanup effort, along with 10 response boats, five work boats, ten skimming vessels, two drum skimmers, ten airboats and three drones.