Resolve refloats capsized Indian Navy frigate

Resolve Marine Group has completed the salvage of the INS Betwa, the Indian Navy 3,800-tonne missile frigate that capsized inside a dock at a naval shipyard in Mumbai in December last year. INS Betwa rolled over to port during undocking at Mumbai Naval Dockyard on December 5th, killing two and injuring 14 others.

US-based salvage company Resolve was contracted to conduct a dive survey and then to stabilize, block and support the vessel to allow the drydock to be fully dewatered.

Resolve-led crews worked with the Indian Navy to patch and repair all damages, and secure all openings. Salvage teams were able to complete repairs to the internal tanks as well as to the side shell. By sequentially flooding and pumping compartments, the vessel was rolled upright without the need for any external lifting mechanisms.