Remote controlled fire fighting & remote controlled tugboat sailing

Netherlands-based Kotug demonstrated a combination of remote controlled tugboat sailing with the RT BORKUM and remote controlled fire fighting at the Innovation Expo 2018 in Rotterdam.

Kotug said that unmanned remote controlled ships would be the first step to ultimately unmanned autonomous shipping.

However, it was observed that unmanned shipping did not yet comply with current rules and regulations. Rules needed to be amended before tugs could start performing tasks fully autonomously.

The joint project, privately funded, comprised the following stakeholders:

Alphatron : Camera visualization and system integration in the consoles

KOTUG : Project management and supported MAROF student with Thesis “Remote controlled tug boat “

KPN : providing data sim cards for stable 4G internet connection

M2M Blue  : Stable data connection with VPN tunnel (4G and LAN connection


OnBoard : conversion of the steering and engine control signal to internet protocol and vice versa

Rotortug  : Owner of the RT BORKUM

Veth : Steering and engine control system to take over from local console to

remote control and vice versa.