ReCAAP reports 10 robberies in Singapore Strait during first seven weeks of 2022

Asian piracy reporting operation ReCAAP ISC has said that sea robberies and the boarding of vessels had been continuing in Singapore Strait.

The organization released repeated warnings of low-level crimes against ships in 2021, while conceding that the number high seas piracy incidents in Asia had been falling away. Its latest alert reported a further increase of activity in 2022.

ReCAAP said that there had been nine successful boarding of vessels for the seven weeks since the beginning of 2022, all in the region around the Singapore Strait. Seven were in the eastbound lane in the strait, with four of those taking place in a tightly clustered area off Nongsa Point, Batam Island in Indonesia. Those four incidents all happened within a 10-day span between February 8th and 18th, with three of them coming on consecutive days between February 16th and 18th.

It noted that the perpetrators had not been arrested, which made it possible or even likely that there would be a continuing occurrence of incidents in the Singapore Strait.

No crew members were threatened or harmed in the incidents. Typically, the reports are of crew spotting anywhere between two and five individuals aboard while the vessel was underway. The robbers would be targeting the engine room or store lockers and in most cases left quickly when spotted or if the vessel raised its alarm.

No particular type of vessel was being targeted. Several bulkers and tankers reported having been boarded, but tugs and OSVs also numbered among the vessels reporting attacks.