Princess Cruises food workers spread Covid-19: study

Food-service employees aboard cruise liner Diamond Princess (IMO 9228198) accelerated the spread of coronavirus on cruise ship, according to Bloomberg.

A study published earlier this week in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report noted that the first cases were detected among passengers, but the virus spread to members of the crew.

On February 2nd a food-service worker became the first known case among crew. These employees made up 75% of early laboratory-confirmed cases among staff. The report said that those workers prepared food for other members of the crew.

The report did not say how many of the vessel’s total cases could be traced to food-service workers. The ship eventually had to be quarantined off Yokohama, Japan, for more than two weeks, with 700 crew and passengers becoming infected, six of whom have died.

Although passengers were asked to go into a two-week quarantine in their cabins, crew members continued their regular duties and delivered meals to guests. The workers remained in their cabins when they weren’t on duty.

2004-built, UK-flagged, 115,906 gt Diamond Princess is owned by Fairline Shipping International Corp care of manager Princess Cruise Lines of Valencia, California. It is entered with UK Club and Steamship Mutual