Preliminary agenda now available for Marine Insurance Nordics

The preliminary agenda for the inaugural in-person Marine Insurance Nordics conference has been published. The event takes place on November 9th at The Hotel Bristol, Oslo.

Topics covered include:

Ukraine: Cost of War Comes Home to Roost for Marine Insurers

About 90 vessels have been trapped in Ukraine waters since February and many of them have already been written off as total losses, with more to come. In this breakfast briefing, the impact of those claims hitting the marine insurance market and the likely consequences for the Nordic region are explored.

Autonomous Vessels: Moving from Science Fiction to Science Fact

Autonomous vessels are no longer the stuff of science fiction, but are already travelling the high seas. Shipowners and their insurers come together to discuss how these vessels are faring, the likely developments and how the insurance market will respond.

Inflation: Up, Up and Away

Inflation is affecting every element of daily life. How is the marine market impacted from claims and premiums, to recycling and repairs. Will rising costs dampen enthusiasm for innovation and the drive towards sustainability?

State of the Nordic Market

Just as the Nordic Insurance Plan undergoes a revision, the marine market faces some of its toughest challenges as claims costs rise across the board. What will this mean for the upcoming renewals, and how big a part will reinsurers play in any market shifting?

Sustainability: Why the Poseidon Principles Matter

In a “fireside chat” two speakers review the Poseidon Principles and ask whether insurers as well as owners have a responsibility to embrace this new approach to sustainability. What are the Rules and how do they work? How much of this is talk and how much is action? Will insurers back ship owners as they invest in new, but greener, technologies?

Marine Insurance: Keeping Pace with Demand

Has the insurance industry really kept pace with what their clients need from a product prospective. How does the insurance sector create new products that are fit for purpose, and is the data revolution part of that process?

Cyber: An All Inclusive Approach?

Owners would like to see cyber included in their existing policies, while the insurance regulators are insisting on stand-alone solutions. Why has the insurance industry failed to accept cyber as one of the everyday risks facing business?

Cargo Claims: Cargoes Putting Lives at Risk

Cargo fires continue to dog the market, but are there practical solutions that owners can adopt, with the blessing of their insurers? How can owners of ferries protect their vessels as more drivers bring electric vehicles on board? What is the current state of play in coping with liquefaction and the resulting loss of life and vessels?

Sanctions: Travelling Through

For Norway and other Nordic countries, the recent sanctions against Russian entities have been particularly difficulty to monitor and manage, thanks to so much local traffic transiting the region. This session analyzes the fast-changing rules and how owners and their insurers are being forced to adapt.

Fines: Are Fines Effectively Another Tax on Shipping?

Fines and even confiscation of vessels have been increasing in frequency in certain parts of the world and have almost become a taxation of trade. Where are the latest hotspots and what can shipowners and their insurers do to alleviate the problem?

Supply Chain: Can Globalisation Ever be Truly Green?

Is the just-in-time supply chain model still fit for purpose in a more sustainable world? Does it sate consumer demand at the expense of too many lost cargoes left rotting when a delay occurs or, indeed, at the expense of the environment the world is striving to protect?

Digitilization: What’s New?

What is actually new right now in digitalization? Is it truly paying dividends for owners and their insurers, or is there simply too much useless data clouding the picture? Does the marine market merit bespoke solutions that can properly support underwriters in separating good risks from bad?

New Technologies: Changing the Risk Profile

How are insurers supporting innovation and change? Do insurers do enough to support their insureds as they adopt new technologies? We also look at how owners can help crews adapt to a new way of working.