P&I Clubs update on office closures

P&I Clubs Japan and Shipowners have updated on changes to office opening.

Japan Club said that its Singapore Branch would be closed from April 7th until May 4th (inclusive) as a result of the Singapore Government order regarding closure of workplace premises.

Japan Club Principal Office, Kobe Branch and Fukuoka Branch will start remote working from April 7th until May 6th (inclusive) following the Japanese Government order regarding closure of workplace premises. Services will be maintained as usual by telework and the use of emergency networking.

Meanwhile, Shipowners Club said that the ongoing development of Covid-19 meant that from April 6th, following Government instruction, the Singapore branch of the Club would close temporarily, with all staff working remotely. This follows the temporary closure of the London office of Shipowners’ Club last month. The Club’s main switch boards will continue to receive calls, and these will be diverted as appropriate to staff working remotely. Shipowners’ Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Greek offices will operate in a similar way, although some offices will remain open.