Paris MOU will be tough on sulphur fuel rules from Day One

The Paris MOU on Port State Control has said that it will be enforcing the new international regulations on sulphur-levels in fuel oil used on board ships from “day one”, January 1st, 2020.

Paris MOU agreed last week during its 51st Committee meeting to an information campaign aimed at encouraging a timely compliance to the regulation.

Paris MOU Secretary General Richard Schiferli said that the warning should serve as a signal to the industry that port state control would take enforcement of the new sulphur limits seriously from the first day.

The Paris MOU covers Europe and the North Atlantic and is one of nine Port State Control regimes around the world responsible for carrying out inspections on vessels to monitor and enforce compliance with international regulations.

The IMO’s low sulphur fuel requirement will lower the sulphur content limit of marine fuels globally from 3.5% currently to 0.5%. The IMO has also said that it expects immediate compliance with the new regulations and that any ships not meeting the low sulphur requirement could be barred from sailing.


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