Pandi Liquidadores updates on new Argentine OSRO rules

A recent announcement by the Argentinean authorities relating to the Argentine Coast Guard’s requirements for vessels receiving bunkers at Zona Comun (off La Plata, Buenos Aires) appeared to have caused some confusion as to what the authorities meant.

The Argentine Coast Guard has now confirmed that:

  • those tankers carrying hydrocarbons or other harmful substances which are already sailing / operating in Argentinean waters with a valid “OSRO certificate” do not require any additional response services for bunkering at Zona Comun; and
  • dry-cargo vessels (such as bulk carriers or containerships) do not require such OSRO arrangement to receive bunkers at Zona Comun.

Pandi Liquidadores informed Steamship Mutual members that “as you may recall, after receiving various enquiries triggered by an OSRO provider (who approached various Owners informing about additional Oil Spill Response requirements imposed by Argentine Coast Guard when receiving bunkers at Zona Comun, off La Plata) we informed in our Circular 039/2020 the terms of Coast Guard’s letter which seemed to ratify that any vessel receiving bunkers at Zona Comun (whether tanker or not) should have in place preventive arrangements to respond to any oil spill within 60 minutes of occurrence (commonly referred as an “OSRO Certificate”).”

The correspondent continued that “following the concern of various actors in the industry, it seemed the position was unclear, i.e. if such requirements were being enforced in practice or had not been implemented until further notice.”

Pandi Liquidadores discussed the issue again with the Argentine Coast Guard, which confirmed that the requirements were as listed in (1) and (2) above.

“For sake of clarity, we are enclosing a free translation of Coast Guard’s letter. followed by its original version”, said Pandi Liquidadores.