Why we opened RoRo terminals outside port –Sifax

Nigerian multinational group Sifax has said that it had to site its recently-opened RoRo terminals outside of the Nigerian port environment because of the deteriorating roads around the port and a need to decongest the port.

Sifax Group Managing Director John Jenkins said recently that, as part of a one-stop-shop vehicle importation service recently launched by the group, the company has opened two terminals at Okota, Lagos, where imported vehicles were stored and released

“The reason we made Sifax terminals at Okota our releasing office was because there is a high demand for dedicated RoRo off-dock terminal solutions outside the port area. With an increase in import cargo and deteriorating roads, consignees are seeking for better accessibility in the release of their cargoes.

Jenkins said that it was necessary to open the new terminals to customers because the ports area is a temporary transit base where cargoes are stored before being transferred to an off-dock terminal.