OOCL extends free time in cargo detention in Covid-19 mitigation move

Hong Kong-based Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) has offered an extended free time period in the cargo detention calculation from February 10th to February 16th because of the Covid-10 outbreak in China. This is in addition to the arrangement presented in its customer advisory on February 3rd.

The extension was only applicable to import cargo inbound to northern and southern China, and excludes other items such as storage and monitoring fees.

In general, the detention free time expiring on or after January 25th was extended to February 9th for China exports and to February 16th for China imports.

The extended free time period was only offered to OOCL shipments to/from mainland China ports affected by the extended Chinese National New Year holiday and virus outbreak. It did not apply to shipments to/from Hong Kong and Macau ports.