Offshore worker seriously injured after drill line falls on rig deck

An offshore oil worker suffered serious injuries aboard Diamond Offshore’s Ocean Monarch drilling rig, which was operating in the Bass Strait, Australia, reported Offshore Energy Today.

National offshore safety body NOPSEMA has issued a prohibition notice. NOPSEMA said that the worker was injured on September 17th after a drill line fell to the Ocean Monarch’s drill floor. Apparently the tension applied by the draw works during the drill line replacement exceeded the breaking strength of the wire rope snake, resulting in the destruction of the snake.

NOPSEMA said that the impact resulted in significant injuries, and the equipment falling from height could have been fatal.

NOPSEMA said that, when changing out the drill line the operator had no means of monitoring the amount of tension applied by the draw works. Because of this, excessive tension was applied to the drill line which exceeded the breaking strength of the wire rope snake. That in turn caused the destruction of the wire rope snake, resulting in the drill line falling to the drill floor and seriously injuring a member of the workforce.

Following an on-site inspection NOPSEMA determined that operations would be halted until Diamond Offshore implemented adequate systems and work practices to remove the threat to the health and safety of employees at the facility. NOPSEMA said that it was continuing to investigate the matter and further enforcement action, if warranted, might follow”.

At the time of the incident, the rig reportedly was working for Cooper Energy on the Annie-1 well. The incident happened a day after Cooper had announced it would cut short its drilling program offshore Australia due to the failure of two mooring chains on the Ocean.